raya sewing project

This year I managed to sew some raya clothes for my kids. I've used the leftover cloth that I sent to the tailor to make them. So the 3 of us (me and my 2 kids) were to wear clothes from the same fabric for Raya. I made a baju kurung for my daughter and a shirt for my son. I completed the baju kurung within a day but not the shirt. I had to do a lot of fold and sew because I didn't have any serger. The shirt was a bit complicated to sew as I was merely sewing by referring to my son's and husband's shirts for pattern. Also, the button hole was not perfect. Thanks to my sewing machine which didn't work properly. It's either I didn't know how to use the button hole footer (is this what you call them?) or the sewing machine itself has a problem.

Anyway, here are the kids with their raya clothes. BTW, we didn't get to wear them on the first day of Raya (EID) because we were celebrating our raya at the hospital with the newborn. But the kids managed to wear them on the second day..

Breastpump Update!

Alhamdulillah I've my daughter was delivered on the First Day of Raya (1st syawal), 10 Sept 2010. I managed to try the Spectra 3 Breastpump while I was being hospitalized. They had another pump, Pureen, which was meant for hospital use I think because it was really huge. From my experience (who had made use of the Avent manual pump before) with using Spectra 3, I would rate the pump as 3/5. The suction was adjustable and so I started using the minimum setting and gradually increased it to somewhere in the middle because beyond that point, the suction was just too strong to bear with. Within around 30 mins, I managed to collect 4 oz on both breasts provided that they were 'full' (aka engorged). Although the amount collected was decent, I don't think that it's justified because the 'pain' is still felt after pumping. I missed my Avent's manual pump which has that silicone shell.

So, when I got home, I tried pumping using my Avent manual pump. and boy was it much better. with the same condition as above, I managed to get 5 oz within 15 min. With this, I've decided to get the Avent electric single pump (ISIS UNO) from faheemwardrobe. now, i am anxiously waiting for it to arrive!

Breast pumps comparison


Only recently did I went to a shop to physically inspect some of the above mentioned pumps, particularly Spectra 3 and Ameda. My sister bought the Spectra3 set from MLO after testing it out at susuibu shop. According to her it was the best choice for her. Works well and within her budget.. She even bought the extension for double breastpump as well and tried it out fine. However, I did noticed that the pump was quite bulky and heavy. It would probably occupy most of the space in my Avent manual pump bag an enough to leave a space for a small bottle. It is quiet though when in action, comparing to Ameda. The Ameda motor pump was much lighter and smaller than Spectra. However, the sound it makes is a bit louder than Spectra.

I didn't really look at Medela Handsfree since I think it is beyond what I had budget. But, seeing how the foreign exchange rate is nowadays (USD vs RM), it is really tempting to buy them from overseas..

One thing the saleslady told me which ticked me off a bit is that electrical pumps needs servicing each year. The pump motor's is the one that need servicing. Is this true? It would be very troublesome if I have to send them my pumps for service since I'm staying all the way up north. Considering the shipping cost and the need to have extra pumps when the electric pump is being service... this is a big drawback for me.. maybe i should find one that can be serviced easily so that I can do it on my own and just buy the replacement part if needed.. I read that one of these pumps can be serviced easily, I just don't remember which one it was.. need to 'google' them.

I found 2 websites that sells pre-order Avent/Medela pumps... They are much cheaper than the other online stores and some also provide warranty service with additional cost:

I haven't decided which one to get yet.. Will wait till the baby is delivered. For now, my choice is narrowed down to either Ameda vs Spectra3. IF I suddenly see a good bargain on Freestyle or IQ Duo, maybe I'll rethink all over again..

Breast pumps

I am on a breast pump hunting spree mode now until the baby in the womb gets delivered. I have been breastfeeding my first 2 kids successfully (the first was weaned at 1 yr 2 months and the second was weaned at 2 yrs). Despite being a busy working mom, I take pride in providing my kids with the most healthy milk!! haha.. sounds cheesy.. Anyway, I owe that to my Avent manual breast pump.

I remember the ordeal that I had to go through with the pump. In truth I had to buy the pump twice when feeding my first kid. I always sterilize the pump (after washing and disassembling them) at the end of the night through boiling the parts. Somehow on that unfateful night, I forgot that the pump was being boiled on the stove (maybe too long) until it melts!.. the pump was expensive and it was the best pump I had used (tried a cheaper one - Pureen - but that was painful and didn't help) So I had to buy them again and I was really very careful with using the second set of the same type of pump.. And it was used for my second child as well..

Anyway, I really like the pump. It served me well. I was able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter for 6 months with the expressed milk + direct feeding. I was able to get a good amount of milk within a short time when my supply were still a lot. on best days, I would get around 10 oz in 20 min. and on worst days (when my supply is low) I would get around 3 - 4 oz within 15 min. The suction does tries to mimic how babies breastfeed. And the rose petal was really helping. It made it felt comfortable and not painful. I noticed that most other pumps feeding tips are small, intending to only cover the areola and they don't have additional cushioning unless you make additional purchase (breastshield). However, with Avent, the tip covers most of the breast and the rose petal thingy comes together. I never had problem with the pump in terms of it needing servicing or repair or replacement. I have to be very careful that when I disassemble them, they are placed together so that I don't loose any of the pieces especially the valve (that round plastic thing). One thing I noticed is that after using them for a long time, the pump's surface isn't clear and shiny any longer (of course I don't expect it to look like new all the time). It looked as if though there's some residue left on the inner surface of the plastic. Just like what happen to the baby bottles after frequent use and washing. I wonder whether it is still safe to use it or not. Anyhow, I still sterilize them daily and wash them after each use. So hopefully that will get rid of all the germs and what not. So, in summary, i love the Avent manual pump!! It also helped me win a new HP deskjet printer.. :D

So now I am thinking of getting a newer pump for my 3rd. I still have my Avent pump but I think i would like to try on something new plus my pump had gone through several uses and owner (lent to some friends and family who wanted to try them after I was done with the 2nd).
I was thinking of getting and electric pump that's worth the money and does a good job in pumping. So, the following is what it has to have:

1) electric: both batteries and adapter
2) controlled suction
3) comfortable and painless
4) double pump / can be extended as a double pump
5) less than RM 1000
6) doesn't need servicing or rarely breaks (usually this depends on luck...)

So, i've been searching and reading the reviews on the Internet. and will definitely post my observation later..


can't believe I am staying up until late night tonight waiting for my program to finish building.. argh.. why is it so slow..

Mille Crepes

Have you heard of Mille Crepes?? It's a traditional cake which is rarely seen nowadays.. A colleague of mine ordered 2 sets the other day and unfortunately I didn't get to taste it as I was on MC.. bohoo.. review from another friend said that it was unordinary and the taste was nice! she ordered oreo and cheese flavored mille crepes..

so what is this mille crepes cake??

Here's what it is: 20 (as opposed to 1,000) lacy crepes layered with clouds of whipped-cream-lightened pastry cream. The top crepe is spread with sugar and caramelized like creme brulee. A fork plunged into a slice slides like a shovel through fresh snow. You get a whiff of smoky sugar, then layer after silky-sweet layer.

taken from: NewYorkTimes

There were online shops in Penang, KL and Johor that sells them. Not wanting to pay much for the whole piece of cake, I instead went to search for recipes.. Not many variations found and the recipes quoted by most bloggers came from the link above. Anyway, so I thought of giving it a try.. Indeed it was a fun + tiring experience flipping and frying the crepes.. I didn't use too much cream, afraid it would make it taste dull.. Also, since I don't like the taste of custard and definitely not my husband (i think i boiled the milk too long until it became a custard like structure instead of creamy), I tried adding some oreos to the cream and reduce the quantity of sugar needed. The taste wasn't that bad.. as my friend would rate it 7.5/10.. it's missing a lot of cream in between the layers.. but the taste was almost there.. enjoy!

btw..i do see that the pics are so much sharper.. SLR do wonders..! too bad i'm not that interested in learning how to use it properly.. automatic setting is the way to go!

Cinnamon Roll

This is my long overdue post.. i am very slow in updating the blog. I don't remember when this was.. but this is one of my fav recipes.. cinnamon rolls.. simple and tasty.. i usually don't make the icing.. it's too sweet.. tried it before and pour it over the top of the roll after it cooked.. can't endure the sweetness.. since the icing is pure sugar.. not healthy too!! recipe taken from betty crocker's baking book.. i forgot to take the pics after it was baked..